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Adoption Basics

  • Terminating the rights of a biological parent

    Before an adoption is finalized, Georgia law requires termination of the applicable biological parent's rights. Many issues may arise.
    What if the bio-parent's location is unknown?
    What if they are deceased, incapacitated or in jail?
    What if they won't cooperate or won't consent? Can we still adopt?
    What if they have not paid child support?
    What if they have not legitimated?
    Do we have to give them notice?
    What if the grandparents object?
    What if they change their minds in the future?

  • Immigration and International adoption issues What if the child is undocumented, may we adopt? Does adoption automatically confer citizenship? What is the Hague Convention and how does it apply to an adoption? Must we use an adoption agency if we have identified a child we wish to adopt? Adoption issues can be extremely complicated. Fortunately, in most cases, there is a solution to every complication. We can precisely answer your questions; and, more importantly, we have the expertise and experience to accomplish the objectives you desire.

    Interstate Adoptions The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) applies in Georgia. These (practically unwritten) rules are elusive and can be frustrating. Let us help.
  • The best interests of your family

    On the day your adoption is finalized, Georgia courts encourage you to make the event a celebration and to bring family members and cameras. This moment changes your lives forever. Our goal is to provide you with great service at every point in the process to make that moment happen. For over 30 years our attorneys have had a proven record of successfully helping our clients unite their families in the most cost effective and least stressful manner possible.

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